"Greatest 13 years of dance at Dancers Unlimited. Laurie is so invested in her students learning and growth. from curtain call to final bow, your family and friends will be so impressed with the level of organization and the overall experience"

Jordyn Johanson-Avery

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Welcome to Season Thirty Three!

Dance till we Drop

2020 Dance Recital Information

Recital Fee Due By Friday March 13th

Payment Button is on the website

T-Shirt Orders must be in by

Thursday April 23rd

Dress Rehearsal - Sunday June 7th   Begins at 11:00am

7th Street Theater ~ Hoquiam WA

Recital Date ~ June 13th, 2020

7th Street Theater ~ Hoquiam WA

Show Starts At 7:00pm

Dancers Call Time 6:15pm

Save The Dates!

Friday - March 13th

Recital Fee Due

Week of April 6th

Spring Break - No Classes

Thursday - April 23rd

Recital T-Shirt Orders are Due

To Be Announced - May

Picture Day 

Sunday - June 7th 11:00am
Dance Recital Rehersal

Saturday - June 13th 7:00pm

Dance Recital